Software development

Solutions using standard technologies, software factory to ensure flexibility, portability, high availability and performance.
We develop projects collaboratively with our clients, forming joint teams and providing professionals with expertise in methodologies, technologies and specific platforms, throughout the entire process of development and implementation of the solution.
Zred develops software applications on several hardware platforms, applying the most appropriate techniques, design and development methodologies for each project using the MVC design patterns and best practices corresponding UML.
The application of suitable design patterns and stringent quality controls, ensure the delivery of optimum development of strength and scalability.

  • Custom software development
  • Component development
  • System integration
  • Outsourcing.
  • Web application development

Training and e-learning

Advanced e-learning application development, using the best tools for management and administration.
Online education takes a step forward with applications that integrate teaching and interaction tools, which enable the offer and ensure e-learning as an effective means of teaching.
Knowledge and technology come together to get the adequate dissemination, with solutions that are highly demanded in the field of e-learning.


Integral high added value e-commerce solutions platforms. Online store development and applications of electronic sales, with personalized solutions, payment gateway integration, custom management environments... countless options to make an online store environment efficiently and profitably.

System automation

We develop computer applications and systems that offer solutions to automation, supervision, control and information management tasks in technological processes in different areas of industry.
We provide complete solutions to different sectors of industry: food, chemicals, energy, environment, pharmaceuticals, logistics and automobiles.